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As an architect, the most rewarding experience possible is to exceed the dreams and expectations of our clients. Working one on one with, you, the client creates a dynamic conversation about how you live, work, love and interact in everyday spaces. Therefore, our highest priority is listening to and engaging with you right from the start to make sure your project is reflective of your vision.

There typically isn’t a one size fits all approach to how much an architect is engaged through design and construction, but we have the skills and training to manage and be responsible for all facets of the process. At a minimum, an architect is responsible for design, documentation, and the permitting of a project, however it is optimal to be involved from start to finish. This means helping select an appropriate site for where you want to build, interviewing builders, and being involved through construction closeout.

When the architect is at the center of the process, they transfer information collaboratively with the various team members. A beautiful, harmonious design is often a series of solving complex problems brought forth by the client. It’s then up to the architect to clearly communicate these ideas back to you through sketches, renderings, drawings and models for your feedback. An architect must be able to then facilitate this information to the contractor, their sub-contractors and other members of the design team while simultaneously being open for additional feedback about ways a project can be improved.

For a project to be successful we expect you to be an active participant in the design process. This means being as open and transparent about your expectations and your budget and to provide honest feedback during work sessions. We also expect you to be open to new ideas, flexible and realistic about the limitations that a project’s site or budget may present. The ability for us to work through problems decisively will ensure the success of the design.