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“AVENIR MEANS FUTURE” defines our vision, a leading architecture, interior design and development company that strives to meet its clients’ needs in the times to come. We are a group of passionate and talented professionals who believe in the importance of both pragmatism and imagination in design. We all share a great interest in building systems, construction services and practicality on site.

Avenir Developments leads in high-end architecture, planning, interior design and construction with a diverse portfolio including house construction, villas, farm-houses, apartments, shopping malls, commercial, building construction and master planning of housing schemes.

We care about creating beautiful architecture, 

developing projects that are individual, inspiring, 

and enhancing the lifestyle of users.

Our work

Our work



Avenir Developments is a team of passionate architects, designers and construction management professionals.


Customer Focus is one of our core values. We ensure that each client gets our undivided attention. Our collaborative approach explores and dissects spatial experiences involving participation from clients. We have the flexibility needed to meet the demands of our clients and we ensure that there are no barriers to customer interactions.


Our team’s diverse and experienced backgrounds and perspectives are fundamental to our company’s culture and customer focus. Avenir Developments is a full-service architecture and construction company based in Lahore offering design & execution services for residential, com­mercial & master planning projects.


“Time is Money, Your Money”. Speed is another core value as real estate projects are extremely time sensitive, in every step of the process, including many of the design decisions. We are committed to providing exceptional value for our clients through detailed designs and quality of service.


our services

Architecture & Design


Fascinated by bespoke solutions, understanding our clients, and meeting their expectations, Avenir pays great attention to detail, from the tiniest of elements to outstanding accents. Our goal is to create “Living spaces” or built environments that enrich life. We approach it in a holistic and sensitive way both indoors and outdoors, requiring strong skills and adaptability…

Interior Design


Avenir has the best interior designer in Lahore that develops exclusive customized projects, created according to the unique aspirations and needs of each customer. Humble by design and luxurious by finish, Avenir is forging a new luxury. Our interior designers in Lahore strive to understand our clients and how they plan to use the space both now and in the future and provides…

Visualization & Animation


Seeing is Experiencing. Our 3D visualization studio provides 3d architectural visualization around the globe. It is important for any real estate developer that its projects are of premium quality, sustainable and advanced in technology. To market these ideas it’s necessary to use a contemporary and attractive manner of presentation…



As an integrated design company, delivering high-quality, affordable, and prompt design and support services, our architectural designs are conformed to multiple disciplines of engineering: Structure Design  |  Mechanical Systems  |  Electrical Systems  |  Fire-fighting Systems  |  HVAC Systems  |  Environmental Impact Analysis



Our construction project management division consists of a team of professionals who have decades of experience in planning and execution of projects. Our detailed project planning and meticulous project monitoring enables us to deliver our construction projects on time without compromising on quality. Construction Management  |  Planning  |  Quantities & Estimations  |  Supervision  |  Technical Consultancy.



We provide our clients with construction consultation to assist them in every investment aspect, beginning with finding a proper plot, building, or apartment. Construction consultant analyze the market to estimate future development, provide spatial analysis, and assess a project’s potential. Project Development Lifecycle  |  Marketing & Sales Planning  |  Feasibility Studies  |  Project & Cost Controls


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words from our clients

“ One of the top architecture companies in Pakistan. Detailed design process, top notch construction quality delivery. Highly recommended. “

Hasan Tahir

Sui Gas Housing Society, Lahore

“ Talented professionals with exceptional design sense. The best architects I have worked with. Quality conscious team, delivered on their commitments. Guided me every step of the way. Bravo. “

Zara Munir

DHA, Phase 6, Lahore

“ Got my farmhouse designed from Avenir Developments, extremely professional and ethical business practice. Response time & service delivery was immaculate. “

Mrs. Yasmin Shahid

Gulberg Greens, Islamabad

“ Recently moved in my house in DHA Lahore, designed and constructed by Avenir Developments. Their design proved to be very efficient and thoughtfully coordinated. Saved me money on various occasions during construction phase. Premium service level. Wishing them the very best. “

Gen. (R) Abdul Rehman

DHA, Islamabad

“ Being in Australia, so far away from Pakistan, we were looking for a reliable architecture and design company for design and building of our house in DHA Lahore. We were introduced to Avenir Developments by a friend and they did a great job! Inspired bunch of people.  “

Dr. Mirza Jamil Baig

Sydney, Australia

“ As an overseas Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia, I wanted a reliable company to guide me through the process. These guys proved to be the best architecture & design company I came across. Their level of detail & command over design is great. Plus top notch customer focus. “

Khurram Luqman

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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