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Ambitious plans demand an experienced team that is dedicated to realizing your vision. We are specialists in design and development process of high-quality construction projects, offering service and results that meet the expectations of the most discerning clients.

Our skilled team of architects & designers works closely with the clients and tailors our services to suit their needs while taking into consideration factors such as the nature of the project, budget constraints, financial model, other structural requirements like building bylaws and zoning regulations.

Working together with leading property developers, designers and clients across continents, we take pride in delivering high quality design solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Each project is a new creative challenge, which is treated individually. It allows for unique and tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs and requirements for each project. 


Architecture & Design

Passionately driven by bespoke solutions and client understanding, Avenir meticulously attends to every detail, from the smallest elements to outstanding accents. Our mission is to create enriching “Living spaces” that enhance life, indoors and outdoors, with strong skills, adaptability, and a deep respect for culture and the environment.

At Avenir, we offer a fresh and dynamic approach to architectural interventions, transcending traditional roles as mere architects. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, including residential apartments, commercial developments, retail spaces, and private residences. We pride ourselves on being designers of experiences, creating immersive environments.

Architecture manifests through various project typologies, and for us, passion and love for our craft play integral roles in the design and development process. From 3D models, sketches, renderings, to animations, each medium layers upon the other, influencing and enhancing the design’s unique site-specific personality.

Join us on a journey where we are captivated by every aspect of creating exceptional living spaces. Avenir understands the intricacies of our clients’ visions and strives to surpass their expectations, leaving no detail unattended. Together, we can craft extraordinary environments that enrich lives and reflect the true essence of design excellence.

Master planning  |  Commercial  |  Residential  Apartments  |  Houses  |  Mixed-use  |  Retail  |  Villas  |  Hospitality  |  Corporate  |  Farm Houses  |  Town Planning  |  Housing Schemes  |  Mixed-use Developments

Interior Design

Avenir Developments specializes in crafting exclusive customized projects that reflect the unique aspirations and needs of each customer. Combining a humble design approach with luxurious finishes, Avenir is leading the way in redefining luxury.

Our team is committed to thoroughly understanding our clients and their intended use of space, both present and future. This enables us to create stunning, timeless homes that surpass expectations. We prioritize functionality, safety, and aesthetics when determining space requirements and curating interior elements such as colors, lighting, and materials. Experience the pinnacle of customized living with Avenir Developments.

Furniture Layout & Space planning  |  Finish Selections & Specifications  |  Lighting Design  |  Exterior Finish Selections  |  Interior Detailing  |  Office Interior  |  Home Automation Solutions



Visualization & Animation

Experience the power of visualization with our 3D visualization studio, providing architectural visualization worldwide.

Premium quality, sustainability, and advanced technology are crucial for real estate developers. To effectively market these ideas, contemporary and attractive presentation is essential. Companies must showcase themselves and keep clients informed to succeed. Our high-quality 3D renderings in architecture combine design, composition, balance, color, mood, and structure.

Through digital rendering and animation, we create immersive three-dimensional experiences, delivering comprehensive ideas to architects, interior designers, developers, branding agencies, and product design companies. Our virtual furnishing services enhance vacant spaces, evoking positive associations in customers. You have complete control over the interior visualization, down to the furniture selection.

Exterior Rendering  |  Interior Rendering  |  Architectural Animation  |  Virtual Tours  |  3D Floor Plans  |  CGI

Engineering Services

As an integrated design company, delivering high-quality, affordable and prompt design and support services, our architectural designs are conformed with multiple disciplines of engineering:

Structure Design  |  Mechanical Systems  |  Electrical Systems  |  Fire-fighting Systems  |  HVAC Systems  |  Environmental Impact Analysis



Construction Project Management

Construction project management is a critical role responsible for keeping all aspects of a project on-track and on-budget. Avenir’s project management division consists of a team of professionals who have decades of experience in planning and execution of projects.

Construction Management  |  Planning  |  Quantities & Estimations  |  Top Supervision  |  Program Development  |  Resident Supervision  |  Implementation of QA/ QC & HSE procedures  |  Issuance of Variation Orders  |  Verification of Contractors Bills  |  Preparation of As-built Drawings  |  Project Completion Report  |  Monitoring of Construction Schedule  |  Financial Inputs/Cash Flows


We assist our clients in every investment aspect, beginning with finding a proper plot, building, or apartment. We analyze the market to estimate future development, provide spatial analysis, and assess a project’s potential.

Project Development Lifecycle  |  Marketing & Sales Consultancy  |  Feasibility Studies


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