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Frequently Asked Questions


Avenir Developments provides integrated Architecture, Design & construction services for both residential & commercial projects. Please refer to our ‘Services’ section for further details.

Avenir Developments provides all design services i.e. Architecture, Structure Design, Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Plumbing & Firefighting Design services under one roof. You would not need to engage any other professional for your project.

Our initial consultation is absolutely free of charge. We would love to share our experience with you and would sincerely strive to guide you throughout the process.

We provide both design only and turn-key (design & build) solutions to our clients. Our top of the line construction services include both Grey-Structure and finishing works.

Our fees are generated using a price per square foot calculation and are based on our involvement in the project and the level of deliverables required. Our fees are subject to the type of project, complexity of the project, owner’s needs, and whether additional services are requested in advance.