As interior designers, watching how your project develops while it’s being built makes us excited and eager to see the final result. We enjoy dealing with any problems that come up, and love seeing your ideas become real. We’re involved from the start till the end of your construction process. And we ensure everything is done perfectly and matches exactly what you want.

Talking about construction, take a step back and let the professionals handle this stage. You’ve navigated through the planning phase, handled important decisions, conducted contractor interviews, and hired the right team.

What is the Role of an Interior Designer in Construction?

Building things can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. When construction is happening, everything is changing all the time. Builders and workers need you to make decisions quickly and give your input because sometimes we need to change the plan as we go.

Depending on your project, contractors work in your space and home for several months. A lot can happen from when they begin to when they finish. Even though everyone tries their hardest to handle every detail, issues can still arise during construction. Sometimes, there are surprises that nobody anticipated.

We are here to help in those situations! It’s helpful to have an interior designer who gets your project and its design while the building work is happening. It’s our job to ensure every part of your apartment or house process goes smoothly. We make your design as perfect as it can be. 

Helping in Unexpected Situations

Sometimes the plan you had might need to change. A small adjustment now can have a big effect later. For example, a small change might make the cabinets smaller or cause the sink to not fit, and then the mirror that was centred above the sink wouldn’t be in the right place either. This chain reaction keeps going. 

Interior designers use various techniques to make changes that are important to make the design understandable for the constructors. When changes are necessary, we come up with new ideas that consider updated information from the construction phase, while still honoring the original design idea that you liked. Our goal is to help you consider different choices that keep you excited about your home or workplace.

Addressing Issues with Broken, Lost, or Missing Decorations

There is always a possibility that things don’t arrive as we expected. They might get lost or damaged during delivery. What should you do if this happens?

Imagine waiting eagerly for the perfect chandelier to arrive from another country, only for it to be damaged when it gets here. This unfortunate incident means you’ll have to choose a new light fixture. The truth is, situations like this often require finding something else, which can be hard because suitable replacements aren’t always easy to find.

This is where interior designers can help! We help find other options. And we also use our big network of resources, like local workshops and contacts with vendors, to quickly check what’s available for replacements.

Assisting When Things Seem Off

We pay close attention to many small things in our work, and it’s important. However, being present at a project site is the best way to understand how everything fits together. As a client, you might get a general idea of the design, but sometimes the specific details don’t look exactly as expected when you see them in person. Being there lets us make small changes and offer different ideas that improve the result. Maybe even better than the original plan.

For example, let’s say we designed a nice curved feature for the bottom of your cabinets together. But when we see the drawings at the site, we might realise that extending this curve to all the cabinets would make the overall look much better. Being on-site during construction lets us adjust the design to get the best result when you see it in person.

Seeking Reliable Checks and Balances

In construction, there’s a lot to handle all at once. This includes looking at shop drawings, submittals, material samples, and mockups. Each of these steps is important for checking details before ordering or installing things. Are you feeling overwhelmed? 

Even if something like a tile or plumbing fixture looks good at first glance, there can be subtle differences like variations in colour or finish. Interior designers are experts at closely examining every detail to ensure that what’s used in your project matches exactly what you want. They act like a second pair of professional eyes, making everything correct and coordinated throughout the process.

Throughout your construction process, whether it’s an easygoing one or faced with unexpected challenges, we are here to help you each step of the way. By the time we have come up with a great design, we understand your needs and space that even you might not know.

Problem-solving is our forte. When building, we specialise in quick fixes that fit the general concept. We are always questioning ourselves, “Can we do it better than that?” This approach helps us provide the best possible solutions for all parties, hence allowing you to enjoy your newly finished area to the fullest.

Making Your Project Even Better!

During construction, the designers first connect with the workers building your project. In the beginning, we mainly talk with estimators and project managers. But the installers, who are skilled workers, have lots of good ideas from their daily work.

When we visit the site while building, your interior designer can work directly with these skilled workers. For example, say we planned a special trim for a niche one way, but the worker has a new tool that can make it even better. With this information, we can adjust the project to use this skill and technique. By working together, the design can get better as we build it.

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