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In this article ‘Solutions to Common Problems That Arise After Construction’ we start this guide to solutions to common problems that arise after construction with the many problems that arise during construction which can be easily resolved if they are handled during the construction phase. But if they are not addressed at the time of construction or if they are ignored for some reason, these small issues can grow into huge problems down the line and can become major hassle for the house owners to solve.

Here are some of the common water related problems that might affect your home.

Water leakage

Water leakage is a major problem faced by home owners. You can detect leaks in walls by looking for key signs of water damage, including peeling paint or wallpaper, or patches of discoloration. A musty smell or infestations of insects indoors can also indicate a water leak. Sometimes when the pipes are joined they have not been properly fitted or tightened and thus the pipe can have leakage.

The main reasons you could experience water leaking from walls, ceiling, or flooring is due to poor quality of pipes, structural crack, plumbing leak, damaged waterproofing system, or gutter choke. Neglecting branded pipes or good local quality pipes can also cause leakage.


After draining the water, check for any further signs of water ingress. Repair the water source by a suitable method. For leaking plumbing, tighten the joints to make them leakage-free. Replace the damaged pipes by buying good quality branded pipes.

One of the most important steps in water leakage treatment in Pakistan is none other than tiles grouting. For leakage through structural cracks, repair the crack with chemical injection and grouting. And apply a mortar, epoxy, or grout on the groove and seal the joint with it. Another method to treat the crack is to cover it with a waterproofing coating or a membrane.

If the waterproofing system has failed, call an expert to repair or replace it. The common waterproofing methods for roofs are bitumen coating, Sika, etc.

Water leakage


Seepage in walls may be because of use of inferior raw materials during construction or not taking the water proofing measures seriously during the process of construction.  As the external walls of the concrete structure are exposed to the weather, prolonged contact with the rainwater can lead to cracks in the outer covering, giving way to water and moisture seepage in the wall. This seepage in the wall makes the walls damp. If seepage in the wall is not treated in time, this dampness seeps into the interiors, ruining the wall paint.


The solution to solve seepage is to use high quality paint with silicone based ingredients. Further more immediate repair of cracks will also stop seepage from growing.

Additionally building two parallel walls with a gap in between will stop seepage from outer walls to come to the inner walls.


Algae and fungus in walls and ceilings

Rain is a driving factor behind algae and fungus on house walls. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, algae is very unpleasant on a wall and can create a negative impression of a property. Home or building owners don’t like to see the property look this way.


Algae or fungus cannot survive without its food source, so remove any plants or shrubs from the surrounding area. Also, if possible, make sure that sunlight can reach the affected area. In addition to this apply a few drops of household bleach to the discolored area and use a brush to clean it.

It is possible for homeowners to scrub algae from painted surfaces themselves, and if the algae is light, please consider the following mixtures:

  1. Sodium hypochlorite and water
  2. Household bleach and water
  3. Vinegar and water
  4. Liquid chlorine
Algae and fungus in walls and ceilings

Slope in pipeline

Slopes in sewage pipelines are an important feature to keep the waste flowing the right way and it is a key way to keep the sewage system functional. According to whatispiping piping slope should be at a fall of 1 mm for every 200 mm of pipe run.


Water leakage can cause long term damage to property and can cost more in effort, money and time. A full solution might not be available for some of the problems after construction has finished. If we do not nip the issues in the bud we will only be maintaining the problem and a 100% solution to problems will not be possible.

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