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Lahore, the second-largest city in Pakistan, is known for its rich culture and history. However, in recent years, the city has also gained notoriety for its recurring smog problem. Smog, a combination of smoke and fog, is a thick haze that can be seen hanging over the city, especially during the winter months. The problem has become so severe that it has led to health problems for many residents, including respiratory issues and eye irritation.

There are several reasons why smog is a recurring issue in Lahore. One of the main reasons is the high levels of air pollution in the city. Lahore is home to many industries that release pollutants into the air, including factories, power plants, and brick kilns. These pollutants, combined with vehicle emissions, contribute to the high levels of smog in the city.

Another reason for the recurring smog problem in Lahore is the city’s geography. Lahore is located in a valley, which makes it prone to temperature inversion. This phenomenon occurs when a layer of warm air sits above a layer of cold air, trapping pollutants and preventing them from rising and dissipating. This means that the smog and pollutants that are released into the air stay trapped in the city, contributing to the smog problem.

The burning of crop residue and garbage is also a major contributor to the smog problem in Lahore. Farmers often burn crop residue, such as straw and husks, after harvesting their crops. This practice releases pollutants into the air, which contribute to the smog problem. Similarly, the burning of garbage is also a major source of air pollution in Lahore.

Another factor that contributes to the smog problem in Lahore is the lack of enforcement of environmental regulations. Despite laws and regulations in place to combat air pollution, they are often not enforced effectively, which allows polluters to continue to release pollutants into the air.

In conclusion, smog is a recurring issue in Lahore due to a combination of factors, including high levels of air pollution, the city’s geography, the burning of crop residue and garbage, and the lack of enforcement of environmental regulations. To combat the problem, it is crucial to address each of these factors and implement effective solutions, such as stricter enforcement of environmental regulations, alternative farming practices, and waste management practices.

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