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Transform Your Home With House Plants

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Wonderful things are plants! Amazing qualities abound in the multitude of species; some are even carnivorous. Plants are fantastic complements to our life; they may be used as natural cures or added to your favourite meal to improve the flavour. Why then not include a few in your area? These seven arguments support the wonderful design use of plants!

Clear the Air of Toxins

Good air is so vital to our health. Breathing in dangerous, sometimes odourless chemicals and pollutants can cause major health problems including birth abnormalities, neurological system impairment, and several forms of cancer. Real poisons like formaldehyde and benzene are actually removed from the air by some plant species. In an 80s research to determine the finest plants to assist clean the air in their space stations, NASA discovered that houseplants can eliminate up to 87% of air pollutants in just 24 hours! They have devised an extensive list of plants that are excellent for raising the quality of our air. Greater still? A regular garden centre or plant store will have the majority of these plants.

Lift Spirit

Anyone heard of Shinrin-Yoku? Consider the phrase “forest bathing.” This Japanese therapeutic technique basically emphasises the need of spending time in nature for our mental wellness.

Now, apply that same concept to plants generally. We humans are inherently programmed to interact with nature, hence plants and other greenery make us feel better. People that grow plants are happy people.

Combat Stress

Studies abound that relate plants to reduced stress and anxiety. Stress is a health slippery slope that, if ignored, can result in serious conditions including obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Every day stress can affect our eating, sleep, sex drive, and mood in addition to some minor health problems including headaches and exhaustion. Giving out oxygen is one way that plants assist in lowering our stress levels. We don’t have to go back to elementary science class to understand that we need this to survive, but more oxygen in our surroundings causes us to take longer, deeper breaths, which delivers this oxygen to our brains and facilitates faster and easier relaxation.

Get More Sleep

Much like plants provide us with oxygen to help us decompress, they also have the same effect on our sleep. Though most plants manufacture and release oxygen during the day, others, like succulents, orchids, and snake plants, do so at night. Who wouldn’t want to nod off in a pleasant urban jungle?

Fix Those Unfinished Corners

Though sometimes difficult, what to do with the empty corner? A chair or light could look out of place, and other furniture items could not seem to suit. At such point, a plant makes the ideal décor item.

Though it sounds corny, I’m often reminded of the Portlandia sketch “Put a bird on it”. bare corner? Incorporate a plant! It changes that depressing and empty place instantly. To put the right plant there, just remember how much light that corner receives. Unbelievably, some plants can tolerate low light.

Put in Height, Texture, and Visual Interest

A little greenery may make a big design and aesthetic difference in a room. Every gorgeously prepared picture you scroll through on Interior Inspiration probably features a plant. Just look at how much they improve a room!

There is a plant species and type available to fit any design style. They are excellent for finishing and providing that last touch because of their various textures and sizes as well. I have even gone so far as to create entire plant scenes for shelves or tables. It resembles an easy and reasonably priced do-it-yourself Green Wall.

Advance a Space’s Feng Shui

Feng Shui regards plants as excellent sources of Chi. Including plants helps to balance your area and raises the energy level generally. Innumerable applications have been made of plants, from remedies for prosperity, wealth, and plenty to relaxing the energy in lengthy halls where fast-moving chi might be problematic.

Sometimes all it takes is a few basic houseplants thrown in here and there! There is a plant for every lifestyle and available area among the plethora of varieties, which range from low-maintenance to pet-safe. Contact the combined Interiors and Site Design teams at Avenir Developments with any plant-related questions, styling, or design!

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