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Building community and livable neighborhoods with new mid-rise multifamily housing and mixed-use developments.

The development of a new, large multifamily residential or mixed-use project makes a big impact on any neighborhood. Our goal is to ensure it’s a positive one. With in-house architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture teams, we approach projects through a holistic, multidisciplinary lens.
We design buildings that are beautifully integrated into their surroundings, support dynamic and engaging street-level experiences, and create units and common spaces attractive to tenants. Our project teams have decades of combined experience bringing multifamily developments to fruition, particularly in the Seattle market where a nuanced understanding of the complexities of the development process can make or break a project. With transparent communication and project management, paired with a passion for designing great buildings and spaces, we look forward to working with you on a project you’ll be proud to showcase in your portfolio.

Stunning multifamily buildings are an exercise in balance

Whether the unit mix features apartments, live-work units, condos, commercial spaces, perhaps an owner’s unit… a multifamily building is composed of many competing interests fitting together as a cohesive whole. On top of that, the interests of the developer must be met, as well as jurisdictional regulations, not to mention the concerns of the neighborhood’s residents.
Resolving the conflicts of these competing interests, and doing so in a way that produces a beautiful building inside and out, requires a nuanced balance we are dedicated to achieving. Our holistic, integrated design approach makes this second nature for us: the influence and expertise of multiple design disciplines creates opportunities for complex, beautifully-detailed spaces serving multi-dimensional purposes. When it’s more than just a lobby, but an engaging, pedestrian-centric street-level experience; or more than just a rooftop amenity space, but also a garden creating habitat for birds and insects — these are design choices that contribute positively to neighborhoods. New buildings can not only provide housing to support diverse communities with varying needs and lifestyles, but can support the urban fabric in their own right, a worthwhile investment for a long-lasting addition to a neighborhood.

The value of integrated in-house design teams

Large projects require architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design; we offer all three.
Whether working with discrete or integrated teams, the design and development of new mid-rise apartment and mixed-use buildings is a team effort: architects, landscape architects, interior designers — not to mention structural engineers, civil engineers, and a portfolio of specialized consultants.
Creative, cross-disciplinary teams produce dynamic, beautiful, cohesive projects. From individual units to common areas and residential amenities, seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces brings outsized value to a building — it’s what creates spaces that feel like home. Board & Vellum offers services in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design. We also have teams specializing in commercial spaces, which can be a boon to mixed-use projects, creating the opportunity for an already-mobilized construction team to build out commercial TIs for leased commercial units. When we work as an integrated in-house design team, our collaborative culture produces not only efficiencies in process and project management, but deeply integrated, comprehensive design solutions.
When our teams work independently, partnered with other architects, landscape architects, or interior designers, our extensive experience collaborating with other disciplines makes us valuable and supportive design partners. However your project team is composed, we look forward to engaging with you to bring your multifamily development to life.

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